Canada’s Next Top Doughty

By Chanelle Berlin
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Oct 31st, 2013

Drew Doughty had a pretty good day on Wednesday. Not only did he score the Kings’ first tying goal against the Sharks last night, but he also unveiled the next phase in his side career as an international modeling sensation.

Drew Doughty on Team Canaada

Can we take a minute to acknowledge that Canada’s Olympic ice hockey team could potentially have people like Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, and — oh, yeah — Jeff Carter on it, but Drew Doughty gets the modeling call? Let that marinate for a while.


Blue Steel engaged! Preserve this man’s youth and beauty in a glass chamber right now. Hey, Doughty, while you’re at it, show the world your softer side:


He’s just really honored to represent his birth country with some simple but form-fitting SWAG from Hudson’s Bay Company.

Wait, did you mean the… maple… leaf? Okay.

I mean, it’s probably great to have an opportunity to have a modeling portfolio that includes more than the Doughty Face meme. Now he’s got this Team Canada spread. And let’s not forget him puckering up for The Hockey News recently.

Drew Doughty for 'The Hockey News'
Carter, eat your heart out.

Doughty’s also started to work his poses in everyday situations, too.

Drew Doughty on the runway
That guy on the left is literally blown back by Doughty’s shine.

I’m not saying we’re mad at Doughty working for his chance to do a little turn on the catwalk, but I am saying the Kings scoreboard feature might’ve focused on the wrong player’s Tyra Banks-style habits.


Doughty was actually talking about himself.

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