Kings at Senators: Canada Sweep!

By Diane Phan
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Dec 15th, 2013
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I feel like the Kings are lulling me into a weird kind of optimism. I’m skeptical and unsure about it, but they keep winning, so here we are.

First of all, what a weirdo 11am game. By the time the evening rolled around, Chanelle and I had both forgotten that the Kings had even played. And what a shame because it was a pretty great game.

I guess the Kings’ top line are morning folk because they dominated the first period. Dwight King opened up scoring 21 seconds into the game because this was how this game was going to go. King comes in to the zone alone and scores off of Anderson’s shoulder on the first shot of the game.

Do I need to mention again how delighted I am that King is lighting it up? Because I’m DELIGHTED.

Jeff Carter reintroduces himself to scoring after a lackluster post-injury return. Dwight King continues to play excellently, and when he wins a battle against the boards and shovels it towards Carter, Jeff takes no hesitation a whips a quick one into the net.

This is the Jeff Carter I like to see, the scoring one.

With two soft goals given up on 4 shots in less than 5 minutes, Craig Anderson promptly gets the hook and Robin Lehner takes over. That doesn’t seem to really matter to the Kings because Anze Kopitar nets one more off of a rebound from a shot by Voynov. (Also, go watch Voynov tussle and swear at Joffrey Lupul, courtesy of 24/7! It’s tops!)

Each of the pieces on the Kings’ top line scored a goal this period, which is ridiculous, and the Kings continue to shut everyone down in the first. With that, they go giggling off the ice to wrap it up.

 KingKopitarCarterGiggleFestBest ever or BEST EVER?

I knew we couldn’t get too complacent yet, and yup, the Senators came back with some fire as former King, Joe Corvo, scores during the second to get Ottawa on the board. Erik Karlsson scores another early in the 3rd to cut down the Kings lead even more, and this story is starting to look upsettingly familiar.

There’s a different ending this time around though, and Jarret Stoll, who now has 6 points in 6 games, extended the Kings’ lead, netting one after a spectacular drive by Drew Doughty. For all that he seems like an absolute dope in real life, he’s a damn fine hockey player, just barrelling through the opposition and making plays like it ain’t no thing.

Seriously, he just forces everyone to chase him and skates circles around them. And then looks utterly gleeful when it works. Love you Dewey!

I loved this goal, because you could just hear the dejected groans from the crowd, and I adore the sad, sad sounds of silence. Just beautiful. Just as they’d opened it, the top line closed up scoring with a sweet pass by King to Kopitar to bury one more late in the third to seal the deal on their win. On a POWER PLAY goal no less. Who is this team even?

Hearing Bob Miller fumble through saying “hammer the nail in the coffin” is really charming.

I would be remiss not to mention Trevor Lewis. Oh dear, sweet Trevor Lewis was activated just before the game, and did basically nothing. Well that’s a lie because he failed to stop Spezza which then led to Corvo’s goal. So Trevor Lewis, -1 and a whopping zero shots.

 TLDAYS2This is actually getting depressing to update. Do it for America. We gotta have a reason to call you All-American Hero Trevor Lewis!

Regardless, the Kings continue their tear through Canada, and are now 3-0-0 on this little road jaunt.  Way to best Canada boys! Because, as always, USA best, Canada worst!

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