Kings vs Blackhawks Game 4: Uncharted Territory

By Diane Phan
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May 27th, 2014


Going into game 5, and it’s an elimination game, but wait! It’s not an elimination for the Kings, it’s for the other guys!


The Kings started this game just flying high. They killed off 2 Blackhawks powerplays, and when they got a power play of their own, they struck. Thus began Muzzin’s fantastic play this game.

Seriously though, Muzzin’s screaming goal face is the new Dwight King face.

Gaborik has been quiet on the score sheet this series, but that ended last night. Gaborik did what he does best and…crashed the net? Well, he scored a goal, so yes, he did what he does best. The Kings weren’t done with their offensive push this period because on their second power, they were able to capitalize yet again, with some great board work from Mike Richards, slick passing and Dustin Brown was right there to slide the puck into an open net.

The Kings were PERFECT in power plays in the first period. How cool.

The Kings are up 3-0 at the end of the first, what a world! A Doughty goal in the 2nd period gave the Kings a very commanding lead. It’s 4-0, and I’m beside myself. The Blackhawks would snag 2 more goals, dashing my hopes that Quick would get a shutout against the Hawks, but I guess you can’t have it all. While folks may have thought a comeback was brewing, Tanner Pearson shut them up nicely.

Welcome to the future, where the Kings are one win away from ousting the Blackhawks and making it to the Stanley Cup Final. Let me just leave you with my favorite gif of the game:


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