Kings vs Ducks Game 5: This Place, I’ve Been Here Before

By Diane Phan
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May 13th, 2014


The Kings have now lost 3 games in a row. They’ve been here before, and come out on top, but it is still the worst.

Jake Muzzin started the game by just eating it in the corner in the Kings’ zone, turning the puck over for Nick Bonino who then beat Jonathan Quick to snag the first goal of the game. Not a great start for the LA Kings here, but they were able to bounce back 7 minutes later. After a bad line change by the Ducks, it was American Hero v. American Hero, and good ole Trevor Lewis came out on top. Cue Taylor Swift.

“My goodness, is Anaheim EVER going to learn to change? That’s abysmal.” Phenomenal.

We love Trevor Lewis doing great things, so nabbing his 3rd goal in the post-season when he scored 6 in the regular season really pleases us. The Kings go into the second period all tied up in the score, but that wouldn’t last.

The Kings keep letting Devante Smith-Pelly do good things, so he takes the opportunity given to him to score a power play goal a little over a minute into the second. 1:23 later, Alec Martinez grossly turns over the puck right onto the stick of Ryan Getzlaf who feeds it to Smith-Pelly for another goal. But wait, there’s more! Silfverberg cleans up a rebound in front of Quick to give the Ducks a 4-1 lead less than halfway through the second period.


Things are looking bleak. I’m burying my head in my arms. Then, like he’s been doing this entire series, Marian Gaborik appears and makes things beautiful again. Or well, he lingers around the front of the net and wrists Jake Muzzin’s shot into the back of the net. He’s the best.

With a 2 goal deficit going into the third, the Kings finally wake up and play some decent hockey. They had a bunch of great looks, but John Gibson stood tall and the Kings just couldn’t get one past him. At least they couldn’t until series hero Marian Gaborik struck again with a gentle deflection to bring the Kings within one with five minutes left to play.

Can we start throwing money at Gaborik NOW, or should we wait for later?

While the Kings continued to sustain pressure, they were unable to get just one more past Gibson before the final horn. Kings. Why do you have to do this? I was all set to be dejected by the outcome of this game, but the Kings just had to get close enough for me to hang some hope on them, only to rip that hope of happiness away at the last minute. I hope you’re pleased with yourself Kings.


And once again, the Kings drop 3 in a row and have to fight to move on through 2 elimination games. I have to say, after what happened in the last series, I’m still cautiously optimistic.

Fingers crossed.

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