Kings vs Rangers Game 3: One More Win

By Diane Phan
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Jun 10th, 2014


Well, this game turned out awesome.

After 2 close games at the Staples Center, it would have been reasonable to believe that the Rangers would be able to rally at home and win a game. The Kings however, had different plans.

The 1st period was a swift one, with very few whistles or stoppages. It was a bit of a Wild Wild West scenario with only one penalty being called against the Rangers, though the Kings weren’t able to do anything with it. In a game that saw the Rangers outshoot the Kings 32-15, this was the only period that the Kings outshot the Rangers, and while they only outshot them by one, that extra one really mattered. The Kings didn’t let up, even in the final seconds of the period, and Carter was able to get a buzzer beater to give the Kings their first lead of the series.

The Kings liked the leading thing so much that they added another goal to their tally. At the beginning of the 2nd period, Jake Muzzin snaps one through Carter’s legs and past Lundqvist. The Kings now have the awful 2-0 lead, but unlike the Rangers, they wouldn’t be giving this lead up.

The next goal is my favorite because Mike Richards, Trevor Lewis, and Kyle Clifford did a thing! Clifford dumps the puck towards Mike Richards who heads down the ice with Trevor Lewis for a 2-on-1. Richards tries to pass the puck to Lewis, but it bounces off the skate of Ryan McDonough and back on to the tape of Richards who beats Lundqvist blocker side.

Super unfortunate that Lewis didn’t get a point for tricking the Rangers into thinking that he was a guy who’s shot you had to look out for. Nice work Lewie!

The rest of the game remained scoreless thanks to some phenomenal saves by Jonathan Quick. Quick has been criticized throughout the entire postseason as not being on top of his game, and rightly so, but that obviously didn’t phase him. Instead, 2012 Jonathan Quick came out to play, and he posted a 32 save shutout in his first game at MSG.


Jonathan Quick, you just do you.

It was an excellent game by the Kings, and even though they tanked possession-wise, they got the goals and they got the win.

Same Kopi, same. Give us all a great 2 year anniversary present on Wednesday Kings, go Kings go.

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