Kings Vs Sharks Game 6: They’re Still In It!

By Diane Phan
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Apr 29th, 2014
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Who’s a rollercoaster of emotions? Are you a rollercoaster of emotions? Because I am!

We actually had hope going into this game, so that was terrifying prospect, but the Kings were able to pull through. Five minutes into the first, Drew Doughty passes to Justin Williams, and he does what he always does in big situations, he scores. They manage to keep it together through the 1st period, not allowing any goals, but not scoring any either. Things were looking good.

But of course, the Kings wouldn’t be the Kings without taking some inopportune penalties, and Regehr and Stoll are exactly the people you would expect to take them. But out of darkness came light, and the Staples Center ERUPTED as the Kings were able to kill both penalties. It was beautiful.

Bringing the L O U D.
Regehr continues to Regehr, and in the second period, Sheppard deflects one towards the net that bounces off of Regehr and past Jonathan Quick. Honestly, why is it always Regehr? With that the game is tied up 1-1 going into the third, and we all use the intermission to gnash our teeth, stress-eat, and drink heavily. Thanks Kings!


The third period ended up being a whole lot of fun though! First there was the controversial goal heard around the Twitter/blogosphere by cutie Justin Williams. I’m sure everyone has seen it a million times and expressed their thoughts about, but you know, it happened, it stood, let’s move on.

The Sharks had plenty of time to catch up to the Kings, but Kopitar wasn’t going to have any of that. First he blocked a shot in the Kings own end and tossed the puck up ice towards Williams and King for a 3-on-2, only to follow up that effort by burying the puck off of a rebound.

And as this whole first round throughout the league has shown, no lead is ever really safe, so Kopitar gets another for good measure. He’s a pretty good hockey player that guy. With two minutes left in the third, the game spirals into insanity. But it’s the insanity that we kind of love because if there’s something that Chanelle and I have been angling for, it’s a Jonathan Quick fight. Everyone just watch and delight.

Jonathan Quick might actually be insane.
While not impossible, it seemed highly improbable that the Kings would make it here, winning 3 straight to force a Game 7. And yet, that is our current reality. In light of all this, have an updated version of our drinking game:


Who’s ready for some Game 7 action?!

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