Kings vs Sharks Game 7: They Did It!

By Diane Phan
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May 1st, 2014


How about those Los Angeles Kings, eh?

We went into this game with cautious optimism (though in our heart of hearts, we really really believed that the Kings could do this), and boy did the Kings deliver.

The first period was pretty even between the two teams, no one looking substantially worse than the other. Lots of prodding at each other really, feeling out how the other team was playing. The tentative start meant that for the first time this series, the opening period remained scoreless.

In a game as tight and with as much on the line as this one, everyone talked about that all important first goal. It was the San Jose Sharks who would find the back of the net first, off a shot from Matt Irwin from the blue line, amidst deafening cheers from The Cage.

But who cares because the Kings came back from being down 3 games, so being down a single goal isn’t going to phase them.

The Kings capitalized on a power play opportunity later in the second to tie the game up with a great Drew Doughty shot, his first goal of the season. The Kings offered up plenty of chances for the Sharks to take the lead in the form of penalty after penalty, but they didn’t bite. Instead, Kopitar does as he is wont to do and with some patience, backhands the puck past Niemi to take the lead going into the third.

#SelkeSmooth forever.

A 2-1 lead is never a safe one, but if you listen to us at all, we L O V E the rookies, and boy did they deliver. Pearson and Toffoli look like they’ve been skating together since they were born with how well Pearson can no-look pass right onto the Toffoli’s stick.

Every time they score like this, we turn our pleading eyes to Dean Lombardi, “can we keep them forever? Please?”

The Kings weren’t finished yet because they were able to pot 2 more goals in the form of empty netters to seal the deal. And with that, the reverse sweep was complete. A grueling and, as many have noted, a historical seven games between 2 great teams.


Nothing more to say than what a game, what a series, what a team, and Go Kings Go.

…I lied, there’s totally more to say. Take a listen to the mini-pod!

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