St. Louis Blues at LA Kings: Go Cry About It Blues Fans

By Diane Phan
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Dec 3rd, 2013

This game was both a deviation from the Kings’ game as of late and also LA Kings typical.

In the 28th game of the season, #28 Jarret Stoll opened up scoring halfway through the 1st period.


Seeing a Los Angeles Kings goal in the first period was so unexpected that I barely believed it. I guess the Kings liked scoring goals instead of coming back from behind because they weren’t done yet. 6 minutes later, Toffoli deflects a shot from Doughty off the crossbar but manages to clean up his own rebound and bury the puck behind Halak.

VsBlues_ToffoliGoal1 It’s reaaaaal nice seeing him score again.

A first period with scoring, and I won’t lie, my hopes, they were up. Especially since the Kings record against the Blues was pretty damn sweet.


The Kings continued to play a good game, but reverted back to doing absolutely nothing with their powerplay. Backes went to the box for tripping and then just straight sitting on King, but why bother being aggressive with a man advantage? They didn’t score or get a shot on goal on their first power play, so why would they on their second one.

Wil Wheaton is on my level.

But as Bob Miller noted, who needs a power play because seconds later, Willie Mitchell shoots the puck towards the traffic front of the net, and Tyler Toffoli picks it up and tosses it right in.


Top Titty Hat Trick Watch!

Immediately after that goal, I was in full yearning for a hat trick mode. Mike Richards was trying SO HARD for a Toffoli hat trick too. Thanks for looking out Mike Richards! Let’s not forget that even though he’s played about half the games as the other rookies, he’s still mingling with the others near the top.

Way to be Tyler Toffoli!

Two periods in, and the Kings have played pretty well and held a nice lead. Chanelle and I actually had an exchange about how we were afraid to even hope for 3 periods of solid play, and guess what? WE WERE RIGHT.

Actually, the Kings and the ever wonderful Ben Scrivens held the Blues off for most of the period. Unfortunately, Colin Fraser decided to make his presence known with a late period, offensive zone penalty. Yup, cool, just what the Kings needed while trying to defend their lead.

While the Blues failed to score on the power play, they pulled a Kings and kept up the pressure with some slick passing to score a goal seconds after their man advantage had expired.

It’s a pretty good looking play.

Ok, the Kings still have a 2 goal lead, but never forget that the Kings love to give up 3 or 4 goal leads. The newest, anxiety inducing Kings trend seems to be allowing a goal in the last 30 seconds of the third period, as evidenced by the last two INFURIATING games against the Flames.

The Blues pull Halak for the extra man, and yup, of course.

Guess we’re all resigned to clenching for the last minute of the last period of play now.

Hey remember the fun, dominant games against Tampa and Vancouver? Picture me longing for those days instead of these 1-goal stress fests. Kings, pls.

In atypical Kings fashion, Kopitar led the team in hits (7) and penalty minutes. Sounds legit. Also, I didn’t once utter “Dammit Muzzin!” In fact, he was pretty great! He got the second star! Well deserved, especially when he just put his hand in the middle of Oshie’s chest and pushed him out of the zone.

VsBlues_MuzzinDefending Surefire way to get in my good graces.

After all those damn dramatics, the Kings clung to the lead and continued their stomping of the Blues, much to my eternal relief and delight. Let’s just leave this here shall we:

 oshietears Forever best. Maybe next time Blues.

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