The ‘Bad Team Booster Club’ Gives Every Team a Chance to Win!

By Chanelle Berlin
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Nov 7th, 2013

The worst team in the league coming into Los Angeles should be no big deal, but the Kings have been really excellent at playing down to their opponent so far this season.

Consider the Kings’ charity program for struggling teams:

LAK Bad Teams Booster Club

Tonight, the Buffalo Sabres are in town.

They’re fresh off a win they probably shouldn’t have gotten against the San Jose Sharks. They’re vying for booster club membership. Buffalo’s -22 goal differential is exactly the same as Edmonton’s, who managed to hang around against LA. Plus, Ryan Miller has a .919 save percentage despite goaltending for, again, a team so terrible that lying a row of corpses at the blue line might actually provide better defense. Under these circumstances, Kings could definitely be persuaded to take six penalties and give the Sabres a shot at success. In regulation. Bonus!

No, the Sabres need to be denied.

The Kings are currently stewing at about average themselves, and that’s stupid. Trevor Lewis should net a hat trick to get some points on the season, Robyn Regehr should score on his old team, and assuming Quick starts, he should do himself a favor and grab a shutout.

Slaughtering the Sabres should be the easiest thing in the world, because the Kings also still have Mike Richards, noted mass murderer on the team. Ryan Miller said so, remember?

Boom. Done. Pass the beer.

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4 Comments to “The ‘Bad Team Booster Club’ Gives Every Team a Chance to Win!”

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