Kings vs Blackhawks Game 3: Watch What Happens To Chicago

By Chanelle Berlin
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May 25th, 2014


“Watch what happens to Chicago…”

The NBC broadcasters said that just before another replay of the LA Kings’ second goal. It was my favorite thing said during Game 3 between the Kings and Chicago Blackhawks. Not only is it a great way to sum up the last two games and the way the Kings have shown that they can be extremely effective against a team many folks still see as unstoppable, but also because the immediate answer for that instance is that “That 70s Line” tied the score.

Watch what happens to Chicago. It’s Jeff Carter.

The Kings’ second line has led the team in scoring for the second consecutive game. Carter put together a 3-point effort, including the tying goal.

Tyler Toffoli continued his trend of almost always finding ways to earn goals and points against the Blackhawks by giving the Kings the go-head. He split Chicago’s defense and slipped the puck through Crawford’s five-hole.


The only goal that didn’t see a member of the second line record a point was Drew Doughty’s game-winner just after a Kings power play. Both Doughty and Slava Voynov had great nights. Voynov scored the Kings’ power play goal in the first period to erase the damage of a shorthanded Jonathan Toews goal. His most exciting moment, however, was probably this effort to dance around Chicago players during a Kings’ penalty kill and nearly generate his own shorthanded scoring chance.

Had Voynov buried that, both of us here at THX BUD might’ve died.

Overall the Kings played awesomely. They also once again protected a late lead by trying to create even more offense. Look at this graph from Extra Skater that shows the Kings causing Chicago to flatline in unblocked shot attempts for a huge portion of the third while steadily increasing their own attempts. It’s so beautiful.


Ba da ba ba ba! We’re loving it.

The Kings now lead the Western Conference Final series 2-1 and have a chance to extend that lead if they play another smart game at home on Monday.

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